The new cheeses from Cesvaines Piens will be presented in the international fair in Cologne02.10.2013

The new cheeses, hand-turned and waxed cheeses Cesvaine and Alpine, made by the cheese masters of A/S “Cesvaine Piens” (CP) will be presented in the international food fair ANUGA 2013. World’s leading food fair will take place from 5-9 October in Cologne, Germany.

The international food fair ANUGA 2013 has a unique concept. The fair is a platform where producers and consumers meet, namely the offer and demand in 10 food segments (Anuga Fine Food, Anuga Drinks, Anuga Meat, Anuga Dairy, etc.) from all over the world. In 2011, 6,596 companies from 100 countries in the world took part in the fair, but the number of visitors was more than 155 thousand from 180 countries.

“Presentation of new cheeses or how we say – new personalities of Cesvaine cheese – on the international stage can be compared with letting a grown-up child in the world. It is a pleasant anxiety, but at the same time huge pride and satisfaction when presenting the performance of our cheese master for the world’s experts in the area”, emphasises Dzintra Simsone, Chairwoman of the Management Board of A/S “Cesvaines Piens”, stating that the chesses made by the cheese masters of Cesvaines Piens are live and delicious.  “It is the heart warmth and hand work of cheese masters that makes them live, but the naturally delicious milk from Vidzeme Highlands Cesvaine County cows makes them savoury.”

Vidzeme highland meadows balance the grass on pasture. Cows enjoy the lush grass and the valuable feed gives naturally delicious Cesvaine County milk.

Delicious over a hundred years is not a coincidence”, states Dace Ozola, Chairwoman of Council of A/S “Siera Nams”. “Siera Nams” performs the logistics of CP production thus ensuring the place of Cesvaine cheese next to the cheeses produced in Holland, Switzerland, France and other countries, motivating the participation of CP also in the world fair in Cologne.

D. Ozola emphasises that “the cheese made by Otto ─¬vands, milk experts of cheese factory of Cesvaine Estate, was acknowledged as tasty already in world fair in Paris in 1913 receiving a golden medal.” 

The cheese Cesvaine is a semi-hard cheese of Gouda type which gets the characteristic sweetness of caramel, light crystalline crunchiness and smooth texture after getting ripe over several months. Alpine cheese is nutty sweet with fruity fresh background. Cheese master turns the cheese every day so that the Alpine cheese holes or eyes are explicit and in the size of a chestnut and evaluated and monitors individually the cheese maturation process.

Each cheese has a particular date of production day and remarks characteristic for this day as an identity number of cheese. The cheese master turns the cheese Cesvaine every day from one side to the other and knows all his cheese babies since childhood till becoming a person and he surely feels when to acknowledge them as matured. The first personalities mature in 2 months and the cheese master colours each piece of cheese yellow. At the age of 4 months they are coloured red when the colour of cheese approaches to tint of sunset colour day from day and the texture has become clearly smoother.

Just like 90 years ago, after Cesvaines Piens milk master sommalier has tried the brought milk, the artisan production process starts – each piece of cheese is brought up in the hands of the cheese master turning it around every day till it becomes a mature cheese personality over a period of several months.


About A/S “Cesvaines Piens”:

Cesvaine dairy was established in 1921, initially producing butter and cheese Bakšteinu. In 1997, joint-stock company “Cesvaines Piens” was established. In 2009, equipment and workshop modernization project was implemented with the support of the European Agriculture Fund for rural development, investing almost 800, 000 lats in the project.

At the moment “Cesvaines piens” is producing three types of cheese: Gouda, Maasdam and Tilsiter and dairy products: butter, cream, home-made cheese CIBA and curds. The production of A/S “Cesvaines Piens” is pre-wraped and packed by A/S “Siera nams”.

Cesvaine Russian cheese was awarded the silver medal Riga Food 2012, but Holland cheese – bronze medal. 


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